Green People review

I first discovered the Green People Organic Baby products via Instagram and with a baby who has sensitive skin (just like her mama) I decided to give them a try. I was really impressed and along with one other brand, they are the only products I will use on Maddie. We found the major branded products that we tried really irritated her delicate skin, especially when she was a tiny baby. Green People use no aggressive ingredients or synthetic chemicals such as parabens, phthalates, alcohol (ethanol) or synthetic fragrances or colourants, and they never test on animals.

I was kindly gifted four products for our recent holiday to Mauritius, all are linked at the bottom of the page. As with all the products I’ve bought previously from Green People, I was really impressed. Both Maddie and I have reacted to suncreams in the past, but the suncreams from Green People were perfect for our sensitive skin. For Maddie we used the children’s scent free SPF30. It’s easily absorbed and contains 84% organic content. Maddie’s skin didn’t react at all and we used it all over her body and on her face with no issues. I used the scent free SPF30 sun lotion for adults which provides broad-spectrum UVA & UVB protection and is rich in natural antioxidants to protect delicate skin. I had absolutely no irritation from the product which is great. I wasn’t overly keen on applying the lotion itself as it didn’t absorb particularly well on my skin – but I found the key was to apply it before leaving the hotel room rather than on the beach once you had got sandy and wet etc. I wouldn’t hesitate to use it again though and I love the fact that it didn’t irritate my skin at all. The Green People sunscreens are ocean-friendly and 100% reef safe which is fantastic, and 30p is donated to the Marine Conservation Society from each sale of these products.

We used both the kids and adults aftersun lotions and were really impressed with these – so much so that I would happily use them as a moisturiser all year round. The children’s after sun is very gentle and soothing and contains 93% organic ingredients. Although I would happily use the children’s aftersun on myself, the adults one has a really refreshing scent and a lovely cooling effect on sun-heated skin. It left my skin feeling lovely and refreshed after a day in the sun.

I will definitely be using the Green People products again on our next holiday – we are a huge fan and I highly recommend them especially if you or your children have sensitive skin or are concerned about the ingredients in some of the major brands that you find in the high street.

The four products gifted to us are linked below:
Scent Free Sun Lotion SPF 30
Organic Children Scent Free Sun Lotion SPF30
Organic Children Aloe Vera Lotion & After Sun
Organic Hydrating After Sun

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